Happy Mother's Day

A happy mother's day to all the mums in the world!

Been someone who always take everything for granted, i like to take this opportunity to thank my mum. To me she has played a big role in the growth of Pitstop Cafe. She take charges of food preparation, doing all the cutting, marinating, cooking, and many other stuff...

When she is free she make a point to whip up something nice and special for those who drop by the cafe. Of course the Pitstop Crew get to have a fantastic dinner as well!

She is the Pitstop Crew disciplinary head as well. Make a mess in kitchen, leave a cup unwashed or been sloppy in the cleaning up, she is sure to catch you and knock the senses into your brain. And you better know what is the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce as well...

Astro mum and her yummy pot of curry chicken

Of course, we do pay mum but I know she is helping out because she wants to support us in what we are doing.

So thanks to you mum for all your support!



Anonymous said...

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