What a lovely sunday!

Sunday morning started with a heavy downpour in our area. It was raining cats and dogs (and so where do this expression come from?). The Pitstop Crew started out with the routine cleaning up of the place before taking a break.

We opened out the balcony to enjoy the cool weather. It was shoik! It was also really relaxing to hear the rainfall, the occassional cars driving by and the light breeze. Been at the top kinda of give the feel of serenity and been away from the hectic lifestyle and feeling was really fantastic.

The girls were relaxing by the couch, flipping through the magazines and the newspaper while sipping hot coffee...

Isn't that a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon? So next time Sunday nothing to do, drop by at Pitstop Cafe!

Taking things slow on a beautiful sunday...

Once the rain ended, more groups started to come in. we had a great time teaching new games and it was really great to see new faces and make new friends. It was also interesting to find out how people know about us, e.g. from friend's friend's friends, blogsites, etc.

What a beautiful sunday...

Pitstop Cafe, yeah it's really Right up here!



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