Hard Science

Pitstop Cafe has a legendary tool that is so legendary that it determines the temperature of your frothed milk for your coffee..

It is called a thermometer.


As yesterday Pitstop cafe experienced a rush, the pitstop crew especially the Astroboy who is probably still suffering from Jet 'Pack' lag is still in a daze.

In the midst of operations, Mumu exclaimed to me that the thermometer had ceased working and Astroboy was the first to spot the needle standing still bet. 20 -30 degree celcius.

Suddenly, everything blanked and the three of us were surrounded by a swirling darkness.. the three of us just stared at the thermometer as time stood still..

Everything went back to normal as we still bemoaned the loss of our dear friend..

I was deeply puzzled and toggled with the thermometer for a while...

Heavily amused and deeply ashamed of these two cocksters..

I asked em', 'isn't room temperature 27 degree celcius?'


Pitstop cafe, we are humans too


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Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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