What is LOVE.

Sometimes, as I retreat into the lonely and cold room of mine, a sense of melancholy and helplessness overwhelm me, " I am in love but why do I still feel empty and lonely?"

WHat is LOVE? Don't female leads often say, " Girls are radiant when they are in love?" So, Why am I not feeling this way? The only answer that echoed from the wall was, " Mu...think you are not in love...you are not experiencing true love...that explains why you are always in pain and agony"...

Then what is love? Shouldn't I be experiencing love coz...

1) My bf never dates and drools over other girls
2) My bf cooks my special dishes ( such as sweet and sour pork, chilli crab)
3) My bf showers me with roses and lilies every fortnight
4) My bf gets along with all my bitchy friends
5) My bf gets along with my protective parents
6) My bf always give in to me when I throw tantrums at him
7) My bf calls me everynight and says, "Gd night darling...You will always be the One and Only One till eternal....and I Love U"
8) My bf satisfies me in all ways
9) My bf always shower me with gifts when he returns from abroad
10)My bf can travel from Jurong to Pasir Ris just to "deliver" my favourite ChengTeng at Whampoa Market as late as 00:00.

Aren't the above the kind of guys which all girls yearn for? So why do I still feel so empty? What's wrong man?

Maybe I should get a BAD GUY...as the chinese saying goes, "nanren bu huai, nuren bu ai"...

Yup!!! THink I should go for a bad guy and this will solve my problem...!!!! But how should I suggest the break up? Think Johnnie will be devastated...How could I bear to break his tender heart??!!! Oh mine!!! Help me!!!



uranium said...

if u're experience all these u'd mentioned, then u're a real fortunate lady! Cherish what you have and learn to be contented... Certain things lost can never be re-found again... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

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