A Yahtzee fun time!

We have a few great groups last night! It always so warming and heartening to see familiar faces as well as new faces. We also like to thank them for choosing Pitstop Cafe to celebrate their birthdays and we hope you guys had a good time!

Anyway happen to get the chance to introduce and play the game of Yahtzee to this group of great folks. Yahtzee is a simple dice game. There are 5 dices and everyone gets 3 rolls. From the 3 rolls you need to get various combination like straight, full house, etc.

Initially it is kinda of tough to see the concept behind the game, or maybe it is due to my lousy explaining. Once we get the game going, people begin to see the whole fun behind the game.

Joy manage to get lots of straight, e.g 4 dice in a sequence and 5 dice in a sequence. But subsequently she kinda of got stuck cos she is still rolling out straights when she needs a full house.

Luck was abit on my side. I got a Yahtzee meaning 5 dice with the same number and that is a 50 points bonus. Hence i was pretty ya ya about it. However Brenda at the later stage got a Yahtzee as well. She is totally ecstatic! When she got 4 of the same number, her hands was shivering while making the last roll. When she got it she basically leap off her seat. Vieve got close as well when she got 4 4s on her turn. It was a pity that they got to go back early and hence we did not get to complete the game.

Thanks Vieve for sending us the photo. Our camera run out of juice...

Anyway glad that you guys enjoy the evening and hope to have another round of Yahtzee again!

Pitstop Cafe, check in for a great and fun time!


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