Buffet-Singapore's Favourite past time

As a postlude to the aftermath of our first buffet, this entry will be a postlude to the aftermath of our fist buffet...

All thanks to NTU Hall 4 and folks, who have given us a go at being their official venue for their alumni gathering, we have then experience what it is to prepare for such a full scale party.

The whole afternoon was exclusively to those bunch of folks who seemed to have a roaring good time meeting old friends as well as a making a helluva noise and joy to Pitstop cafe.

Preparing the tables and skirting, its more difficult than it seems!

As seen from the previous entry, I guess the person who contributed most to the success of this event is once again, the legendary mama who have muscled out every inch of her culinary talents on this event.

Setting up the trays

In fact, the hit of the day was the chicken wings.. in one fell swoop, it was cleared the moment it was served on the table. I pestered her for the whole day to teach me the secret recipe.....

This looks good

she almost showed me her middle finger....

Mum's yummy curry

As if the food was not hot enough, the awning did its part in shielding away most of the heat from the sun... our greatest apologies to those who were 'steamed' in the balcony. don't worry! our next upgrade will be the ventilation of the balcony!!

Mum and Aunite Lilian, Sisters Unite!

It was really wonderful with what you can do with teamwork. Really all thanks to our friends and family folks who go all out to solve some of the problems that we could not have done it on our own..

Taking a peep...fried vegetables and spicy prawns!

nevertheless, the program for the afternoon was memorable! Especially for Pitstop cafe.. the folks at NTU did some performance by singing and strumming on their guitars... my my... those vocal chords were really good... the audience gave their support by waving hands in the air... maciam like 'wo hui yong yuan zhi chi ni' (I will forever support you)

and they can sing and play guitar too!

Fried mee hoon and curry

Other than that, the folks just kept eating and eating.. as some of the Alumni folks couldnt make it.. the rest of the folks were more than happy to take their share of food...

Yummy fragrant fried rice

not to mention, asking for boxes so that they can 'ta pau'(take away) back to their hall to eat.. (oops, i forgot that i should not mention 'ta pau' as NTU students are particularly sensitive about this word as it is their colloquail slang for retaking a previously failed module)

The chicken wings and sotong balls

Other than the food and performance, I guess most of the crowd were just too engross in the world of their own as they battle out each other in RISK 2010, played Taboo, Blokus, Jenga, Monopoly....monopoly? yah..monopoly...

Having buffet and playing Monopoly!

Oh yah, forgot to mention.. we decide to try out one of the requested item, the Soya bean drink! It was such a hit, hello.. I early in the morning go to my Auntie's bean factory to take one hor? really fresh until cannot fresh...

A really cool and great crowd!

Yea... at Pitstop cafe, we believe in doing our utmost to cater to your every need, as far as we are concern, the games, the coffee, the ice cream, the food, the service are all construed to giving you a one of a kind experience.. even if it means doing things out of the norm, we, the Pitstop crew will give you a one time jialat Jialat experience...

Thanks guys! You are great!

Thanks folks for making Pitstop cafe your choice, we still have many inadequacies.. but do keep the faith, beacuse what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger..

cheers to that!!!

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