Is there anybody out there?

I was reading this book Impossible by Danielle Steel and found the following paragraph pretty interesting..

"Listen, you have been single for about 10 minutes. I have been single all my life, and probably always will be, not because i love it so much, but because there is no one out there. There are either bitter divorced guys paying alimony they resent all women for, screwed-up widowers who think their dead wives were perfect and have forgotten how much they hated them when they alive, and you can never in a million years measure up to them, there are commitment phobics, drunks, drugies, mean guys, abusers, guys who hate women, guys who are secretly gay, and others who are openly gay and want to wear your dresses, there are boring ones who aren't worth the trouble, guys who smell bad, look bad, are bad, and old guys who can't get it up even with Viagra"

There is nothing wrong with the character in the story just that she could not find anyone and noone had bothered or tried to find her. I think we have really nice guys and gals that come over to Pitstop Cafe. Hmmm everyone should get to know one another...

Pitstop Cafe, where strangers become friends!



DK said...

I think the gal just haven't found the right guy yet.

Anonymous said...

think guys are not trustworthy lehz....-mumu

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