Happy Birthday Mr Smith

Smith birthday was on the 3rd July. Times flies like nobody business. It was just like yesterday that Smith was here celebrating his birthday as a customer. This time round, things are different. The Pitstop Crew has grown bigger and new friends are made and some of the crew were around to celebrate Smith birthday as well!

Ok enough boring stuff from me, lets look at the pictures!

Smith with his signature small eyes

Joo made a nice cheese cake for Smith. The thing is that he made another cheese cake for another pretty girl. So wonder if Smith got the leftover..hahaa..but then again it is always the thought that count. So Smith even though we never get you anything, seriously we think alot about it.


Smith and his dear dear, Chris

Smith's friend. Dunnoe everyone but one of them is known as the Prince of Boat Quay

The crew turn to take pics with the birthday boy

Lovely Jermie who share the same birthday as Smith

Mum's favourite crew, cos only he entertain my mum nagging. Oopps, lucky she don't read this blog

We head for a short singing session with a nice bottle of "mojo", courtesy of Smith. But i still prefer fermented barley. Mum tag along also. Carol and Smith were great singer. I think my mum must have felt that she was 18 once again when Smith look at her eyes lovingly and sing to her.

Hey Smith what was the title of the song that you sing? I like that song!

Pitstop Cafe, folks who play together, stays together


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Linda said...

Nice cute photos!I wish Smith a very Happy Birthday. Hope you all had lots of fun:)Check out some interesting birthday details on my blog.Cheers!

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