Eh can you teach us brainless games?

The most difficult situation that i encounter in the cafe is when groups ask for brainless games. Are there such thing as brainless games? Even deciding what you want for lunch needs thinking! Perhaps there is this perception that most boardgames are super complicated and after playing those games, millions of brain cells would be killed and you will fall into a coma.

For me, the most brainless game that we have is the play-doh set. It comes in 4 different colours, you can mold whatever shape you want and there is no need to think!

Play-doh, make whatever you want

Of course you guys must be saying that i am siao. Where got people go board games cafe to play play-dohs?

So what exactly do groups mean when they ask brainless games? Is it easy to play? How about the game of blokus? It is easy to play. Yet some folks complain severe headache and hallucinating about colorful blocks after the game! :) For games like taboo which require you to beat around the bush is considered a brainless game!

After recommending many party games, I realize that when they ask for brainless games, it does not mean they do not want to use their brains. Rather they want games that are simple to learn and the approaches to wining the games are straightforward and direct.

So let me present some of the top few "brainless" games!


Halli Galli definitely one of the brainless games. The idea is simple. Look for some pattern and be the first to spot the pattern (eg 5 of the same fruits). There are quite a few games such as jungle speed, ugly dolls, etc that follows this concept.


Monopoly, pretty brainless as well. Roll dice and move your checkers round the board.


Jenga another simple game to play. Although some strategy is involve, the idea is still pretty straight forward, just take one piece and put it at the top.


Pit, very similar to heart attack. The difference is that there is more cards to collect and you can simultaneously trade multiple cards with anyone. Another high action game.


Cranium. I don't think it is a board game. It is more like an activity center where you get to act and draw. It is not exactly brainless, in fact you need quite abit of brain. But you recommend to any group that want "brainless" game, they still enjoy it. Perhaps it is because the game is pretty simple and direct.


Snorta, an animal making sound game. Basically about reflex.


Cluzzle, just like play doh just that it is more fun as there is a slight twist to the game.


Imaginiff, a great party game where players get to find out their friends' impression of them. A great hit among most groups and most enjoy it. Definitely one of the "no brainers" game.


The game of beating about the bush, Taboo! One of the game that requires brains but yet most think it is brainless.


Handy, another short interesting game where player have to hold the balls in all sort of weird position. Definitely more entertaining to watch then play.

There you go, a list of "brainless" games. Did i leave out anything?

All these games are fun but there are a whole range of euro games that bring the fun of board gaming to another level. However the "complexity" of such games do frighten most of the folks. Watch out for the next board game article which i will share tips on how to enjoy all those "chim chim" euro games!

Pitstop Cafe, sharing the fun of board game with you!


Update: One reader has the impression that i am complaining that customers want to play brainless game. I guess my england isn't that powderful which is why the confusion. What i am sharing is that when groups asked for brainless games, it is not because they don't want to use their brains. Rather they are looking for games that are simple to play and at the same time the way to win the game is obvious and direct. The subsequent game list show the game which are considered "brainless" by most groups even though they still need some brain juice.


Anonymous said...

and tat's not a complaint? -_-.. it's a common term

astro said...

yes it is a common term but the main point of the entry is to share with readers that after teaching games for so many groups, when they say they want brainless games, it does not necessary mean that they want games that do not need to think.

which is why there is an intro on some of the popular "brainless" game.

mark said...

Mwahahahah so you finally understood pain ;p

usually when I got such a request, I'll hand it over to someone else to handle. hahaha

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