Game Review: Blokus

Been a long while since i did a game review. There has been lots of exciting games at Pitstop Cafe but just couldn't find the time to do a review for them. This time i will review a pretty old but nevertheless a very popular game named Blokus. Not only i am doing a review, i am sharing a gurantee strategy to win this game...

So popular that some want to claim credit for bringing the game to our shores!

The attractive part of this game is that it is so easy to learn but yet extremelyu engaging.

Everyone has 21 pieces of different shape and size in their own color.

Look like tetris pieces...

The objective of the game is very simple. Everyone take turns to put a piece on the board. The winner is the one who can place the most number of pieces on the board and has the least number of squares remaining. The first piece must start at your own corner...

Remember, must cover the square at your own corner

On your subsequent move, you must connect to your own colored pieces using at least one or more corners. Your different pieces must never touch each other at the sides.

Its ok to touch the sides of other colored pieces, just not your own pieces

So as you go along, the board becomes filled up with different pieces, hence it will become more and more challenging to fit your pieces, hence a decent amount of strategy is required to win the game...

Eve, the self proclaimed Blokus Queen

Chao turtle, lose to her again!

Interesting Strategies

Base on how folks played their pieces, you will be able to gauge their skills. There are the beginners, who think small is beautiful....

Beginners like to cluster and compact their pieces tightly together thinking it is like tetris

The "ultimate" start move using the 1 piece square!

The intermediate players know that grabbing territory area is crucial to winning the game....

Aggressive move outwards by placing the big chunky pieces first

The more advance folks balance offensive with defensive. Notice those holes between the pieces? This make it difficult for your opponent to enter your territory as they will need that one piece square to make a connection and there is only 1 one piece square per player.

These holes are hard to penetrate...

Astroboy Sure Win Scam

Now for astroboy secret recipe to win this game impressively. First introduce this game to 3 newbies who never play or see this game before. Must act blur so that they will not gang up against you. Most of the first timers to this game will adopt the beginner approach by trying to cramp the pieces in a small area. So what you need to do is to go aggresive base on the concepts discuss above. Have a quick assessment of your opponents and target the strongest one first.

Using the above strategy, sure can win and if you focus in the game, you could easily "game" it too(meaning you manage to place all 21 tiles on the board)!

Now is the tricky part. By this time, most of them their bulbs will light up in their head and know what is going on.

Never play another game with them cos they will be out for your blood this time now. Excuse yourself saying that the water is boiling, you need to milk the cow, the sky is falling, whatever. Don't let your ego get the better of you and agree to a 2nd game that is if you want to keep your undefeated record.

Ok hope you guys enjoy this review and do try out this great game at Pitstop Cafe if you have not already done so. Perhaps you can to try out this scam on your unsuspecting friends...

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun

astroboy, trying to decieve himself that he is good in blokus...

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Anonymous said...

Incidentally, there is a smaller set for 2-players. Same playing pieces, smaller board. And the first piece starts from the centre instead.

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