Trivial Detour of the Day

What is Tim doing with a bucket of water above his head?

Forfeit for the group below???

The story
For some reason, every once in a blue moon, there are alot of flying insects that will appear out of nowhere. I do not understand the occurrance. Perhaps it indicate that rain is coming, change in weather or perhaps got chio babes coming.

So when folks leave the balcony open, they come right into the cafe, particularly near the lights. The first time it happen, we were kinda of at a loss what to do. Though harmless, it is just unglam to have these insects flying around. So we actually tell all the customers in the cafe that we need of switch off the lights for awhile! So for a moment, everyone was sitting in darkness. When the lights came on, they are still around.

One pitstopper actually suggest to use a pail of water. It actually works! What happen is that the insects see the light reflection in the water and fly into the water instead. So there you go, some bits of interesting stuff that happened at Pitstop Cafe....

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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