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I have been trying to setup a proper blogroll (the current one is really in a mess) for ages and finally manage to get it done. Firstly, a great thanks to all for adding Pitstop Cafe link to your blog. Thanks for sharing our humble cafe with your friends. You know what? We like to add a link back to yours too and share your blog with other readers! So this is what we like to do.

If you have already have a link, jump right to Step 2.

Step 1:

You could either add the Pitstop sticker or our blog link to your blogsite.

Pitstop Board Games Cafe Singapore. Be part of the fun or Pitstop Cafe

To add our blog sticker, just add the following snippet your blogsite.

To add the our blog link, just add the following snippet to your blogsite.

Step 2:

Use the following form to provide information about your blogsite. Try to provide a short description on your blogsite so that the rest of the Pitstoppers can know more about you too. You can include a URL to your blog banner if you have one. Pitstop members will get an additional 10 Pitstop Dollars (even if you had previously added our blog sticker)

Click here or the Join Pitstop Blogroll link on the sidebar to submit your blog.

Step 3:
Check out Pitstoppers Blog. You should see your entry in a couple of days time.

Ok look forward to your submission. Any suggestions, just drop us a comment.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the blogroll


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