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I receieve an email requesting for blood donation. I thought it was the usual spam mail. On closer reading of the email, the one requesting help is a student from NTU Hall 15. Not convince, i sms her to verify that this is not a spam email. It turn out that this girl Law Shu Hui, her dad is suffering from acute leukemia and she is seeking for blood donors. We hope we can help and make a difference by disseminating the following information.

Donors details
Blood Type: O+
Age: 18 to 50
Not donated blood in past 3 months
Not on anti-malaria pills in past 6 months
Has not been to rural areas in past 6 months

More information
Donors have to undergo a screening first. Once accepted, they will be called upon by the hospital to donate in the future (not immediately after screening). This is due to a 5-days lifespan for platelets, and they are administed in doses over a duration.

If you think you can help, do contact her at 9277 2531 or email her at ice_422 @ hotmail.com. If you have a blog and do think this is something worth helping, do disseminate the information to other readers too.

Pitstop Cafe, hoping to make a difference


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