Hello can I check, you got special or not?

In this case, the folk at the other end of the line is refering to Mum's special (which is mum's random creation every now and then).

A lot of folks do call us up every now and then to check on various stuff.

Most common is to check if the cafe is available for reservation. Some check if they can buy boardgames from us, our operating hours, prices, location, etc.

Once in awhile also got folks call to check if eve, margaret or tim is around. Damm how come no one see if i am around?

Anyway the most interesting call that we got is the following....

"Hi, i like to check if you recieve my online reservation or whether i should submit the online reservation again..."

Our online reservation seem to work fine so far but eh actually you can also make the reservation through the phone too....

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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