Spendthrifts amongst our midst

Recently, two guys in Pitstop cafe have started adopting some very bad habit of spending money indiscriminately...

heh heh heh...boys with new toys...heh heh heh

They have absconded with the company's funds to buy lotsa toys. Everyday, the girls are getting very worried over the delivery after delivery of games into the cafe. The boys just seem to only clap and cheer over their new toys, totally ignoring the girl's worries and frowns.

come!play with our toys!

But of course, our extravagance is not merely self-pleasuring, but rather intended to pleasure you fellow pitstoppers. Having an increasing library of games means that every visit here will be refreshing!

play with us!

Just take for example, we have Spy Alley that allows you to assume the role of a secret spy going around uncovering other spy's identity. We have Smart Ass, the ultimate trivia game that plays up to 12 players! We also have Handy, that requires you to play with balls with three fingers!(uh..sounds wrong, but it's really handy!)

So drop by play with our toys!

Pitstop cafe, new toys, new toys!


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Anonymous said...

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