The Story of Chao Turtle

I am a sore loser. Everytime i lose in games, i call people names. I remembered calling my little 6 year old cousin names and she always replied, "Say others, don't say yourself".

"Of course say others lar, why would i say myself", i retorted.

Anyway I have been mean recently because Eve keeps kicking my ass in our board games session. I am on a lossing streak! So i started to call people names like chao cookie, and for eve, i call her chao turtle. But hey, i think it is nicer than other possible chao "alternatives" right!

But Eve has been mean as well. The other day she called me at lunch.

I asked her, "Wassups?"

Eve, "No lar, saw a turtle soup stall. Reminds me of you..."

See she is a chao turtle right!?

Anyway the funny thing about all this is that one of our crew, CPR was asking why i call Eve chao turtle. I mean i just call people names mah, need to have reasons one meh?

So i asked her, "So why do you think i called her chao turtle?"

She looked at Eve, ponder for a moment, "Eh because she wears green???"


Back view of chao turtle???

Hmmm...CPR...what should she be? Chao ________???

Pitstop Cafe, wear green, be a chao turtle


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