Pitstop Dollars

At Pitstop Cafe, we have a reward programme for our members. Every $5 spend earns you a Pitstop Dollar. Using Pitstop Dollars, you can redeem for items like photos, finger food, ice cream and more. Our thought is that it more flexible and you guys get to choose what you want.
Any suggestions on what other stuff that you would like to redeem?

So how does a Pitstop Dollar looks like? Here it goes...



Cool right? Need more money? You can generate your own money here. Thanks to Nadnut for the link.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



Anonymous said...

C'mon, are you all from USA?? Why aren't you people putting up a Singapore 1 or 10 dollar note? I presume all of you are Americans...

astroboy said...

1. this is just a pic generate from a free online too.
2. there is only a few available selection. S$ not included
3. the USD happen to look nice
4. we are singaporeans

Anonymous said...

hahaha reason no. 4 is a gem lol

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