We are back!!!

After 12 days of well deserved holiday in Australia, we are finally back in Pitstop!

back in action!

Things back in Singapore feels different.It certainly feels good to pay 3 bucks for a meal instead of 10 and almost calming to see a street full of Singaporean girls instead of a street of ...uh..not Singaporean girls.

things are a bit different now...

Melbourne and Sydney was a real eye opener to us! Breathtaking sceneries, cosmopolitan streets, bustling street life and diverse culture. Though attractive in some ways, nothing beats home and nothing is better than staying in a place of familiarity where chicken rice cost 3 bucks, government only wear white, people understand Singlish and swear Chao ____.

very different indeed

As much as we were amused and amazed by the foreign land, nonetheless, we did not forget you folks! We brought some Aussie games (which i will do a review later on)off the shelves of a Mebourne games shop! So do hurry down and try these very unique games!

PItstop cafe, your zone of familiarity


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Lucian said...

Photo #2 is a game only consenting adults should play in private.

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