Cruel Boardgames

Boardgames just like any other games always have a winner as well as losers. Some of the boardgames you have to win by sabotaging people, or think of all sort of wicked plans to thwart their plans. If you get good at that, people will ended up calling you Chao Turtle. If you lose, don't be too sad. Every game needs loser so at least you know you play your role well...

But than again, these games are not exactly cruel because everyone still gets to play and enjoy the fun and excitment throughout the session.

The cruel boardgames are those that is based on the concept of elimination. In such games, loser gets elminated while the rest carry on playing. It can be quite painful as the loser has to suck thumb at a corner, while the rest of the folks carry on enjoying the game till the next player get eliminated.

Games like Blokus,etc are like that but they aint too bad because the game is only for 4 and the wait is not too long.

Other games can be quite cruel....

Management material

Cannot give excuses for your project? before you know it, you are out of the game and you can only watch while the rest carry on the fight.

Family Business

In this game, you try to wipe out each other triad. If you aint popular, your family triad will be the first to get wipe out.


Another elimination game. Get killed early, it will be a long wait for you before you get to play again!

So at Pitstop Cafe, we are ingenious. Instead of letting these poor losers sit there and watch while sucking their thumb, we let these losers has something to do too...

They can go fishing!

Not too bad right, losers get to go fishing...

So next time if you get kick out a game, don't suck thumb, go fishing instead....

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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