Geeks from the Digital Movement

After been pinged by a group of cool geeks a few months back, we got visited this time round by some cool geeks from the digital movement

It was a nice surprise because i thought geeks would find Pitstop abit low tech. On one spectrum there is lots of fun toying with the latest gadgets, viewing digital videos and photos. On the other end, fun were achieve using simple stuff like cards, checker and dice. Photos were printed out and archive it on our walls with bluetacks. An interesting contrast i would say.

It was great to meet Kevin Lim again as well as Estee in person (check out her blog at our blogroll). I definitely prefer flesh and blood compared to pixels and polygons. The rest of the geeks are really cool as well. It is a pity i did not have the chance to join in their conversation, otherwise i could have learn alot from these guys.

Some of the cool folks from the digital movement

By the way who won the game Management Material and did the kid really place all the pieces in his first game of Blokus? Hope you guys had a good time.

Pitstop Cafe, dun play play, geeks come here too!



Chern Jie said...

Haha, we had a good time playing the management game.

Unfortunately, I was the first to lost the game twice! Bad luck :p Or I'm just a sucker to projects haha.

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!

DK said...

Pst Pst... Its Kevin, not Kelvin. :P

eStee said...

MEOW won!!! BUT I WAS SUPPOSED 2!!! ARgh!!!

astroboy said...

cj: i think you are a true geek! every project also want to take it on! Maybe i should get the deck on IT as well... :)

dk: hey thanks for the mistake, never really notice such details.

estee: which meant that you loss? hahaa

btw who is who, anyone could help with a left to right naming of the folks that were present?

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