New Pitstop Outlet

At Pitstop Cafe we are constantly thinking how can we reach more people and share with them the fun of board games.

After much deliberation, we decided to have a new outlet!

We are going to call this new outlet Pitstop Board Gamers Club. It was tough to decide what type of concept should the outlet have. I was torn between choosing something that people is more familiar with or going for something totally different. I finally decide on the latter. Hope you guys would like it too.

As we aims to share more of our passion in board games with the masses, it is extremely difficult to find a good location for the outlet. But we were fortunate to find a really good and easily accessible location at a rather low cost. This new outlet though limited in what we can do, definitely has a much much bigger capacity.

The new outlet is more or less done for the time being. Minor works are still ongoing to make sure the outlet has more or less the same feel as what you are currently seeing. Of course not forgetting to allow you guys to be able to put up pictures at this outlet.

Special thanks to some of the Pitstop Crew, like Smith who had taken the time to help out with some of the work at the outlet so that when it is available there will be interesting stuff for all you guys to take part in....

Ok will keep you guys inform more about the new outlet...

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