Game Review: Ugly Ugly Ugly

Ok this isn't exactly the name of the game. The name of the game is actually ugly doll but most folks only remember it just as the ugly game.

In general i don't like party games but this game is interesting for the fact that it is really easy to play, funny theme and you get to call people names!

Ugly dolls...

Basically this is a card game that plays from 2 to 6 folk. Inside the box are lots of ugly dolls,infact 70 of them...

10 different ugly species

So these 70 cards are mainly dolls from the above 10 species. In the beginning, all these cards are covered faced down and spread over the table. Everyone will get a turn opening a card...

You need a pretty big space to spread out the cards

So you can imagine that there will be opened cards and closed cards spread over the place. The moment you see 3 of the same ugly doll, you got to quickly snatch all 3 of them! You can imagine that this is not a easy task. You got to be fast and remember the locations of the various ugly dolls before the rest of your friends.

Crazy snatch for the ugly dolls

If you are snatching the same ugly doll card as your friends, you got to quickly call them "Ugly, Ugly, Ugly". The first folk who did that will get to keep the card. Of course you can see, the game is to try to collect as many ugly doll cards as possible and the winner is the one with the most cards!

Overall this is a decent filler game. The illustration are nice. The ugly dolls are more of adorable than ugly. It is easy to learn and it is definitely pack with lots of laughter and action as folks try to snatch as many cards while calling their friends ugly!

Hmmm should have a version where you have to be the first to call others chao turtle...

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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D.D. said...

Ugly Dool is definitely highly recommended to stir some noise and get every players warm up for other games. And it was a great closing experience for myself. I highly recommend to everyone and gonna blog about it soon .. ehm .. ya hopefully soon. :p Thx for the recommendation despite I only had 30 mins to play. Great job in recommending, Pitstop Crew.

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