Say Cheeze!

Taking photos at Pitstop Cafe has definitely become a ritual. Most group that comes by enjoy the part where they posed for the pictures to be taken and subsequently paste on our "mega photos" wall. Some even has so many of their photos on the wall that they have their own "turf" where all their pictures are paste.

Many have bought back the photos after all fun memories are worth remembering. Some more the pictures that we took are very nice. Ya i know you are going to say that it is because you are chio / yandao but our photography skills are not bad too.

When we take the pictures, we don't use flash. That is much better because the color looks more natural without the shiny highlights that comes from the flash. We also try to get you guys to go to one side of the tables so that the photos taken are well focused.

Anyway there has been suggestion on our forum wondering why the digital copy is not available. I think most people often jump to the conclusion that because we are trying to sell the pictures hence we purposely do not make it available online.

The truth is that is just too much work to email the photos to individual. But we hear your feedback so what we can do is every once in awhile we try to upload the pictures taken from the previous month onto our forum. I can't promise to do it regularly but i definitely try. So if you like to check out the photos do visit our forum.







You simply can feel the fun and laughter just by looking at all these pictures. So if you come to Pitstop Cafe recently, perhaps you can find your pictures in our forum as well.

Pitstop Cafe, we listen to your feedbacks


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