Goodbye Sweet Little Things

Sometimes i wonder why is it that hard to do extra nice little things. We always thoughts that having free sweets at the counter is a really nice thing to do for folks that comes to the cafe.

popular sweet little things...

It make the cafe environment feel more personal and more homely. But sometimes such good gesture on our part can become a nightmare for us. Some folks seemly throw the wrapper wherever that is convenient for them.

We found the sweet wrappers in all sort of places, on the floor, inside the flower pots, between the sofa seats, inside the sugar container, in the toilet bowl, inside the boardgames and along our stairway.

This really adds to the inconvenience and the extra work of cleaning up the place. And at times, it is really upsetting not because of the work but rather it is pretty demoralizing to be treated this way.

Hence after much consideration, we will be saying goodbye to these sweet little things soon until we can think of an alternative. Any suggestions?

However for all you nice folks that are reading this blog, if you like one of the sweet things, just let our friendly crew know!



Coldfoot said...

Just a thought. I've never been to your store, nor will I ever be there, but in my experience garbage is strewn about when garbage cans are either overfull, or (and this is most likely) garbage cans are not easy to find or not close enough to the gaming area.

D.D. said...

I kinda agree with you coldfoot. I didn't notice it too till I share the news with my friends who have been there once. I love Mentos, so I took few of them for my friends. Most of us just left the packaging on the table as there are no available rubbish bin nearby. But for those people who left it in toilet bowl, sugar container and even the game box!!! That's plain too much. Well, whatever it is, Pitstop is a very cosy place. Love it w or w/o Mentos :p ... but with Mentos will love it more hahaha. BTW, the Penguin water dispenser really cute :-) But one of them keep peeing!!! :| opps ... hope it's not spoilt or anything.

mimi ka. said...

OMG! I never thought about that! I guess i better stop throwing the papers anywhere. LOL! Well written, i like it! BYE

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pitstop said...

coldfoot: the garbage cans are not overfilled. Yes perhaps the garbage cans are not close to the gaming area but then again it is not practical to have many of them nearby.

d.d: glad that you have a good time. the wrappers on the tables are not the issue, it is all those stray wrappers that are the problem. I think perhaps some of the penguins have bladder problems, so do be gentle while pressing on them :)

mimi ka: yup i think sometime when we litter, we then to forget that the receiving end is another person.


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