Small things make a great difference

In the service line, it is really a tough challenge to provide the best customer experience for various reasons. Maybe some folks like me might have a "not-so-bright" face and hence look abit fierce. Of course we constantly try to learn from various experiences.

But sometimes it is really great and shiok to hear about good things that happened at the cafe. In the story below, the star is our good looking Tim....

From twirlingpenguin blog:

I had such fun at this place, Im inspired to blog about it.


Settler's cafe was fully booked, and I found this place by chance on the web and we decided to give it a try.

Cozy spacious place, much better than Mind's Cafe, and not too crowded like Settler's. We played Ugly Ugly Ugly Doll which was a good warm up game, and then one of the guy there (Tim) introduced us to the Spy Game! That was when the fun start, and we all had secret identities as spies, and we had to do our best to hide our identity. Liling betrayed herself twice, and it was v funny becoz Tim walked over n asked "Oh, u out again ah" in a non-humiliating, just shocked n amused manner, which made all of us burst up laughing. And he proceeded to hand Liling the manual "How to be a better spy", which made us luff even harder! Very considerate staff they have here, afraid that Liling will be bored, he soon handed her a fishing game she could play by herself! hahaha

More about the fishing game.

It always warm our heart to know that folks came and enjoyed the experience at Pitstop Cafe. Thanks!

This is definitely a good learning experience and encouragement for everyone of us to remember that no matter what you do (in personal or in work), sometimes small things make a great difference....

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Anonymous said...

they like tim lah

astro said...

hahha i think so too...after all tim is a ladies man!

tim said...

tim is a lady boy

astro said...

haha is there a difference? or maybe should be girl boy or she man??

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