Top 15 Bits and Pieces Revealed

Having played quite a couple of different board games you can't help but noticed some of interesting and unique bits and pieces used in various games. The ability to identify these pieces is definitely useful at times when we picked up stray pieces from the floor dropped by careless folks at the cafe.

I think the most embrassing moment for me was that i found a pieces but just could not figure out which eurogames it belonged to. Tim was quick to point out that it is from Monopoly. Sometime it is so easy to miss out something so common!

Anyway i gonna share the top 15 interesting bits and pieces from some of the board games. Thanks for those who mentioned the "chewy" camels, yeah i agreed that those definitely deserve a hightlight. Ok so now that me share why i pick these games.


While this isn't really my favourite game,, these wooden folks (colloquially called meeples, a portmanteau of my people), is definitely one the most recognised symbol in Euro board gaming.


Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition

Ticket to Ride series is one of my favourite range of board games that i think is really fun and great for first timer Euro board gamers. While the trains components are something most folks are familiar with, i personally find that these little passengers are the most unique pieces in the whole series.



A simple game to learn but definitley hard to master. This little pirates are unique especially at the head portion. I reminds me of some other thing rather than pirates heads....


Thurn and Taxis

Another one of my favourite games. High tension, various ways of winning...characteristic of good euro board games. These little houses are sure memorable to those who enjoy this game as well.


Mystery of the Abbey

Surprisingly, i have not played or actually even learn how to play this game at all. But when you are speaking about bits and pieces, you can't go wrong with games published by Days of Wonder.


Pillars of the Earth

My current top favourite! Amazing illustration and exciting gameplay. I just have to showcase components from this game. Wait till you see the rest of the game board. You will be amazed!


Traders of Genoa

A great and perhaps a deeper negotiation game compared to I'm the boss. However seldom teach this game as i personally find it quite diffcult to teach. Furthermore most of the folks at the cafe are more of board games hopper rather than board gamers so this game seldom see the light.


Puerto Rico

Another one of my long time favourite. Excellent game. Do can forget thoses bits of corn, indigo, sugar, tobacco and coffee. Not that hard to learn just that it is a longer learning curve. Again not really suitable for the board game hoppers.


Power Grid

Sad to say i have not really get a chance to complete this game at all. It is a great and challenging game but for first time play, i think you need more than 2 hours, something that most folks do not have the patience for...


Settlers of Zarahemla

Most have thought that the pieces are from Settlers of Catan, which isn't totally correct. It is actually from Settlers of Zarahemla, which is very slightly different from Settlers of Catan. Personally i hate Settlers of Catan because the setup is pretty cumbersome depending on whether it is for 4 or 6 player. But this version makes it easy which make me have a second opinion on this game...



Another solid game. The king counter is definitely one of the more recognisable piece in Euro board gaming. The gold are unique too, look like sweets as some folks claim.


Hey That's My Fish

A short but challenging game. A pity is that most people only give this game one try and hence could not appreciate the depth of the game.


Modern Art

When it comes to action games, i think Modern Art is one of the best game in this genre. I personally do not like the plastic chips, but after seeing other bits and pieces, these chips definitely are unique!


Scotland Yard

A old classic Euro board games. I think most folks were not born or perhaps still a baby when this game was out. Mr X, represent by the transparent piece make it one of the more interesting and unique piece.


Galloping Pigs

Like Mark, i hate teaching this game too. In fact i hate to teach most of the party games. Luckily got the rest of the talented crew to do the job....but still these colorful pigs are worth noting!


So how many of the bits and pieces could you identify? I think there are more interesting bits and pieces but i do hope that through this entry, i am able to share with you more interesting details in euro board games.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno all! even though i'm the crew! Sob!!!! ok i'm ashame of myself.

first one isss..... cacassone (i dunno how to spell!!!!!!!!!)

second one issss.s..... ticket to ride, marklin verson

third one issss the kena spilt by a group of guys one! cartagena!!!!

fourth one is my new fave, thurns and taxis

fifth one is shit... i dun remember..... OH! mystery of abbey!!! hahaha

sixth one is i just learnt one thanks to alfie. hmm, the game i dunno what la, but it's pillar something. :P

actually i forget about the seventh, eighth and nineth... coz 7th astro taught once, but i dunno whether eighth is it puerto rico? nineth i definitely nv play before.

tenth is either settler of catan or the new game zaraheima.... something...

eleventh is of course, citadel~

twelveth is definitely I KNOW!!! HEy! That's my fish!!

thirteenth is the wits and wager , i think...... i nt sure, cuz nv play b4.

fourteenth is i really have no idea but the last one!

is galloping pigs. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

ok. i know i suck

Anonymous said...

where are the nice chewy camels from "through the desert" :-)

astro said...

haha thats a good one. Miss that out! will try to take a pic of that as well.

So is there other interesting bits and pieces worth nominating?

Mark said...

1) carcassonne
2) Ticket to Ride: Marklin
3) Cartegena
4) Thurns and Taxi
5) Mystery of the Abbey
6) Pillars of Earth
7) Traders of Genoa
8) Puerto Rico
9) Powergrid
10) Settlers of Catan
11) Citadels (the newer vesion. The old one was a wooden king piece)
12) Thats my Fish
13) Modern Art
14) Scotland Yard
15) Galloping Pigs (which i truly detest teaching hahaha)


astro said...

haha mark, i think for board gamers like you, it is definitely a piece of cake!

But for Citadel, ours in the old big box edition with the expansion. The king counter is wood maybe the photo not that clear and the gold is bigger. :)

Liangcai said...

man i'm really out of touch with this...identified 12 of them. Yes pastel camels are cool ;)

Mark said...

Hmmm got the catan one wrong .... oh well =)

And my bad on the citadel, this figment of my imagination keeps thinking its a plastic king piece hahahah. Getting old ...

pitstop said...

galloping pigs aint not party game! it is one of those simple games that have an element of strategy!

at least one doesnt need to yell and scream like some other games do


astro said...

i think it is a party game mainly the fun comes more from just moving the pigs around instead of the strategy.

selene said...

I love the pink rubbery pigs for another game! Can't remember the name now. But anyway they're the cutest game pieces I've ever seen.

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