Random stuff about thePitstoppers Network

Yeah, i finally finish sending most of the invitation for the Pitstoppers Network. It was really time consuming as i can't do a mass invitation. I can only invite 20 people at a time. So imagine me sending out 500 plus invites to everyone! But it is definitely worth it as we started to see more and more folks joining our network.

I had a tough time deciding whether to use the conventional forum or try a new platform. It think so far it has been a good choice as the new platform definitely has lots of interesting bells and whistle.

So what is this Pitstoppers network all about?

We like to create a forum which allow us to be able to keep in touch with folks that come to Pitstop Cafe as well as folks who enjoy board games as a hobby. It will provide a nice outlet for our Pitstop Crew to KCSS and interact and make friends with everyone. Hopefully this will make your next visit to Pitstop Cafe an even more unique experience.

One interesting thing that we notice at the cafe is that we realize a lot of our folks actually know someone else who had also visited the cafe. It is like they will look at the photos on our walls and exclaimed, "hey isn't that so and so from blah blah blah...". So hopefully through this forum, you get to find back old friends as well as make new friends!

Last but not least, i guess you guys know that one of the unique part of Pitstop Cafe is our photos walls. And guess what, we will try to bring some of these photos online too so that you can catch up with all the latest happenings at the cafe.

So once again, I welcome all of you who has join in the forum. Do feel free to start any discussions, share interesting photos and videos!

By the way, do you like the name Pitstop Board Gamers Club? I kinda of like the new phrase, Pitstoppers Network. Hmmmm should i change the name???

Pitstop Cafe, keeping in touch with you!

astroboy, exhausted...1 more day to go!


okiedokie said...

How about 'Pitstoppers Pitstop'? sounds better? coz pitstop is a place for pple to rest, catch up etc. (like in Amazing Race!)

astro said...

haha sound more like a tongue twister! :P

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