Pitstop Crew Feature Part 6-Alfie

It's been awhile since we last featured our Pitstop Oompaa Loompa.
Our latest candidate is really a good catch...Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing to you...

Towering above all

Alfie is a man of talent. In his National Service, he assumed the heavy responsibilities of a naval officer. In University, he was also in charge of many hall as well as extra-curriculum activities.
Indeed a man of talent.

look into the mirror, he is a very different man...

Don't be put off by his stern and stoney look. Alfie may look like your quintessential engineer (he is an engineering student), but beyond this geeky facade lies a fun-loving, shots-gulping alter ego.

Get him comfortable, and he will tell you stories about him gulping down 24 vodka shots, marooning his drunk friends at his house void deck, girls in the club begging him to 'take them home' and so many more dark and wild secrets. A man of talent after all.

look at the way he wipes, every inch a choiced pick...

After work, Alfie is your choiced pick for a boyfriend/husband. Bearing the family's responsibilities as filial son. Alfie ensures that his family is being well taken care of. Providing immaculate care to his parents, Alfie also takes good care of fellow Pitstop crews and pitstoppers.Surely a man of talent.

So, if you yearn to be loved and served by such a man of talent. Remember to ask for Alfie when you are at Pitstop cafe.

Even more so, if you have what it takes to join us a our men/women of talent , don't hesitate! drop us an email or give us a buzz!

Pitstop cafe, talents are everywhere!

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