Why Batman Sucks

Was chatting with Smith on some super heroes and turn out that both of us don't really like Batman cos he is an A.S.K. The discussion was pretty hillarious. Do visit Pitstoppers Network for more TCSS discussions.

Anyway here we have the 10 reasons why Batman sucks!

  1. He is an A.S.K (Ah Sia Kia), no superpower only very rich.

  2. He wears his underwear outside but don't want people to recognise him so he wears a hood over his face.

  3. He makes his good friend wear the same silly costume and names him after a small bird.

  4. He zhng his car and drive at high speed with the excuse that he is catching villians. Somemore no car plate number and don't need to use cashcard.

  5. He used to have pot belly (remember the old drama?)and now hides it under his thick armour.

  6. When superman ask him to join Justice League, he ai mai ai mai say dun wanna be in a team cause he work alone and so on.. den end up everytime fight villian he also come chap ji car.

  7. He is not environmental friendly. Despite been high-tech, he don't accept sms or msn. People need to power up a big flood light to get his attention.

  8. He is not humorous. Ever hear batman says a joke?

  9. He is known for his analytical skills i.e. chao geng so he got a butler to iron all his uniform and do all the chores.

  10. He got all sorts of gadgets, but where is the iPhone???

Hope you guys enjoy this boliao entry! Anyway did you folks know that although Batman is only a human, he defeated Superman!



passerby said...

ecl is the biggest winner because she gave uyzn $200 for the cake. Uyzn accepted $200 from ecl is a fact. So what did he accept fm veron for best blog of the year?

uzyn said ecl is a loser after she became the biggest winner. So why is he shielding a bigger loser who only win 2 awards?

the awards by Ping.sg are for losers? uyzn took back ecl's 4 trophies oredi wat. Who is the meanest and biggest loser in Ping.sg?

astro said...

eh this is Pitstop Cafe. we do boardgames related stuff. As much as we like to help lost souls looking for answers, but i strongly suggest that u use the following instead:

a. google
b. CSI
c. wikipedia

Anonymous said...

what the hell is passerby trying to say? i have NO IDEA... o.o ohya.... hmm... nice entry astro i laugh out loud

Mr.Smith said...

he is from ping.sg.. they had the this award thing recently.. must be traumatize for not winning anything.. haha..

astro said...

ya lar..i think he/she lose then go around search for answers..poor soul. not like me, so smart...lose already just call people names then play till i win again...hahaa

wait...if i am so smart why did i lose in the first place? damm!

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