No White Horse

I like the "Happening Shots" section in the cafe. It has a couple of pictures. I like the studio shot i took with Evelyn. I think i look damm good in it which sadly was possible only after tons of photoshop magic done by the photographer.

Of course, there are other interesting photos. Photos of celebrities that happen to come to our cafe like Joanne Peh, Ezann, etc...

The popular Joanne...

Eileen, Ezann, Jenny. 3 pretty babes....

By now you should realise i don't care much about the guys...

We have also group of popular bloggers that come to our cafe, such as folks from Ping.sg and The Digital Movement. Even Kenny Sia, the famous blogger was at Pitstop Cafe as well thanks to Nadia for introducing the place to him.

So an interesting question would be

Did we treat have any "special package" for them because they are more "well known"

Well the answer is no as in they still order from the menu and pay for the bill just like any other regular customers. Everyone is black horse, no white horse treatment.

It seems like a wasted opportunity cos we could offer free stuff, get mum to bloat up their stomach and hopefully they will blog or say good things about us. Or maybe we impress them in other manners....

Imagine while teaching kenny sia how to play some board games, i could juggle 3 balls with one hand and with another, massage his fat tummy to help him slim down. I am sure he will blog about this special experience at Pitstop Cafe lor.

You know how big is the impact of a famous blogger blogging about Pitstop Cafe?

Assuming he feel so shoik that I manage to reduce his tummy by massaging that he blog about his visit at Pitstop Cafe and he has 20,000 readers a day:

Total revenue = 20,000 hits x 5 days x $10 spending each = $1 million / week!

Chao turtle, 1 million bucks leh. Can close shop go home la kopi liao leh.

But no, we give up the opportunity.

Why? For starters, i can't juggle and i also can't picture my hand massaging his tummy and i believe neither can he.

The most important reason is that when we think of doing "extra" for only certain individuals or groups we feel like there are thousands of eyes on our wall watching our every move and it become clear to us that we are able to come so far today is because of the great support from each and everyone of you!

Many of you have blog about us. Even more of you have brought new bring friends to the cafe. Some of you come so regularly that even my mum knows you! It just seem beh steady to provide special privileges for certain individuals/groups and forget the contribution of our millions of Pitstoppers...

So tell me, have we been foolish by not using the opportunity to generate more publicity for the cafe?

Pitstop Cafe, boardgames only, no massage...


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chillycraps said...

shucks, I wanted to ask "lao bang, got special or not?"

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