The Trust Game

This is an update for those who had tried the trust game. For me, i had chosen to give 100% in all 3 rounds. The first 2 rounds where not bad, the recipients return half of the overall sum that they received. I then got screwed in the last round when someone got greedy and decided to keep everything!

However base on research studies on the game, generally those who show high level of trust get the best outcome as people in general (excluding those fufus in my case) feel the need to reciprocate.

The surprising finding for this game is that people who show partial trust generally fare worse than those who show very little trust! Another interesting note is that women show greater reciprocity in both punish and reward compared to men.

I guess when it comes to trust, i guess you either show complete trust or total mistrust. Having partial trust usually result in a less than optimum outcome.

Last but not least, the most important point to note....Never offend a women!.

Do you agree with this findings?

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Jason said...

I agree.

CPR said...

Dear folks, this trust game is not 100% safe. Speaking from real life experience...

Played this game when I was in Sec 2 and it left a permanent dent in my forehead if u take a closer look.

I was one of the people below, waiting for the catch. Somehow, the person opposite me (my so called partner) did not grab hold of my hand tight or perhaps let go when the person was halfway free-falling. And in the midst of the crowd, somehow, dono how, my partner got hit and her glasses cut into her eye lid. And me, got hit by something strong (many guessed I got hit by my own clenched fist).

And it left a dent on my forehead... *sob*

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