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It was a great Sunday afternoon, where the Pitstop folks took a day off work to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and have some serious fun.

Company outing 2007, Sentosa

To our surprise, some pitstoppers actually joined us in this event, making the whole outing very lively and 'happening'.

Well, usually I really abhor those ice breaking games like dog and bone, catch the jone and what have you... But today's Pitstop company outing made me understood that:

It doesn't matter where you are or what you play, it's the company that matters.

The ever growing Pitstop family, call us to be part of this friendly working environment!

True enough, though we were engaging in mundane games that we probably played in our primary school orientation, I truly enjoyed myself in the midst of all these people I enjoyed to work with and enjoyed to play with.

I dunno why, somehow I just find this picture extremely hilarious

The afternoon started off with a heated game of captain's ball. both teams try to score by passing a ball to the 'seeker' at the end of the court. Be it pass balls, catch balls or grab balls, the teams were so competitive that we had sand on our body, in our eyes and of course, our balls...

We caught tommy changing in the tent, due to censorship rules,we can only display this slightly more modest looking photo

Next, we tried a classic game whereby after winning a game of scissors, paper stone, the loser will have to stretch his/her legs towards the winner.

don't laugh too soon...

The fun of this game lies in that no matter how many times you win, its really the last move that determines if a person wins.

Indeed I'm surprise by how much the girls could spread their legs...

It might turn against you

Well,how can a Pitstop outing be complete without boardgames?

Bringing Cash and Guns, a new game which involves robbers shooting each other in the attempt to split the loot amongst the midst of an undercover cop trying to pull down the posse.

Sounds exciting?

Indeed, when a group of folks who were so used to teaching people game, you can almost be sure that the whole game was filled with intrigue, schemes and cock ups.

just imagine Astroboy in an attempt to review his ammunition card, flipped the wrong card and revealed his identity of an undercover cop instead!

The Pitstop Posse

Now, the afternoon's only half begun.

The folks now lined up to for the classic dog and bone. Usually, ill scorned and jeer at such 'bo liao' activity. But once again,

it's the company that matters.

Playing with people whom you have washed dishes with, make drinks with, taught games with and scolded at, it's really enjoyable.

Dog and bone, the line up

Joo, being in jeans at the beach, was made the game master for the game. Basically, all of us were given a number, and when the game master announced the number, the players from both sides have to rush to snatch the bone without the opponent touching you.

Initially, it was orderly, only one from each side

when situation gets stagnant, more comes

Then more and more came

Sometimes, the game master gets too bored, so he does funny things like burying the bone in the sand. and the result?

Everyone just stood around, digging

Finally, we decided to change game. This time round, we played a very weird game.
We will form a circle, a folk will walk/run pass people around the circle.

The moment you are tapped, you are suppose to jumped up and chase the other person who tapped you. The other person, in turn, have to quickly rush back to the seat where the person was previously sitting on.

Running in circles

Well, do you see the fun of this game?

Seriously, I don't.

It's odd.

it's just about running in circles, no depth, no intrigue at all.

But seems like everyone's got a helluva laughter.

It's really odd.

Still running in circles

And once again, it's the company that matters, you can be running in circles and you will still have fun.

And that's because?

well, ya know what this is...

Repeat after me at the count of 3!



Because you are running in circle...

And of course, in every game there will be a person doing forfeit.

We have our fabulous Peirong to do her exotic dance with the coconut tree!

We will upload the full version soon.

Peirong and her magic stick

The day is coming to a close, and what's a company outing without a prize presentation?

Taking this opportunity, Pitstop cafe would like to express our gratitude to all who have worked with us in making Pitstop cafe what it is today.

Particularly so to some folks who have put in extra effort and go that one more mile beyond their job scope.

Carolin, our most senior staff, who carried on working despite having stomachache

Smith, our most eloquent staff who even uses pitstop cafe wall paper for his blogsite, sits and plays with fellow Pitstoppers (though i'm sure he does pretty selectively...)

Joo, our most caring staff, so voluntary that he can even work for free...

Alfie, our astute and decisive naval officer who ensures that all responsibilities exceeds your expectations

Peirong, who started with lotsa mistakes like making 10 cups of ribena when customers ordered something else to a sharp and engaging chick, where guys flocked to Pitstop to look at

Anyway, the prize shown in the pictures are just props, all these folks will get a pair of movie ticket passes!

And you think that's all?

To reward the crew even further, Pitstop cafe brought the crew out for dinner.

Though nothing particularly glam, this dinner is really a gesture to show how much we value our Pitstop crews.

yea.. we value them as nothing particularly glam.Hahahaha...

tell them to go sentosa to play games they don't want, the moment got free dinner, see how many people turn up?

Seeing at the happy faces of them all, I must say that I felt satisfied despite the opportunity cost incurred in turning down more than 10 groups of customers!

The opportunity of making more money is pale in comparison to seeing a group of people who do not even know the existence of each other, a group of people of diverse background and working style bond together like close friends.

Above all, such close friendships fostered among the crew is what made all the late nights, dirty dishes, smelly toilets and mean bosses really worthwhile and memorable.

wonder why joo's hands are postured in such an awkward position?

Pitstop cafe, it's the company that matters...

and the company is Pitstop cafe...

just what do you think I was referring to?

Hahaha! Cheers!


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