monday blues

And I had thought most folks are either back in school,
or recovering from their Monday blues.

Pitstoppers really know how to have fun after all...

Well, not just among themselves but with other folks and more!

What was thought to be a quiet Monday evening was filled with laughter and zest by a group of SIM students, who took their game to a new level through a series of forfeits and pranks...

Two cute chicks, one from Singapore, the other from Taiwan...heh heh heh

which our Taiwanese friends and Singaporean host, were also game enough to accomodate their jokes and even played along with them.

can i be the victim of the forfeit?

It was really entertaining to see folks gel together and play together. It was really entertaining, especially for a poor folk who was standing the whole night behind the counter.

Yes, Hallelujah! thanks for entertaining me.

They SIM to know what they are playing

Trust me, Taiwanese girls are not as shy as they are perceived to be...

And I had thought one prank was all.

Nope the group had more.

Some of the pranks were downright irksome (chilli, ketchup cocktail),

some were just hilarious

and others had other purposes...

Getting a guy to dance, hmmm...i wonder...

hey come on, you can also try picking up the guy at the counter...

Well, thanks folks for that awesome night!

your unique personalities really fill up the walls of Pitstop!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the fun

The guy at the counter

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awesome reporter!!!!
heh heh... i was in the SIM grp of frns... went to settlers n mind's cafe b4... but all i can say... PitSTop ROX better then both!!!!

nice photos... will try make it a point to go there agin wif my mates!

Poor Guy Behiind Counter: dun worry. we will include u in nxt time. till nxt time, catch us den!!


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