Pitstop Outing!

In order to make your visit an enjoyable one, the Pitstop crew have been stretched beyond their ability to go that extra mile for you!

Forsaking family commitments, orientation gathering, opportunity costs, they have given their time for Pitstop cafe!

In order to reward these dedicated crews, we decide to hold a Pitstop outing for all crews and ex-crews!

Pitstop outing venue, anyone?

The outing will be held in Siloso beach, Sentosa this Sunday(5th August 2007)at 1200pm. Pitstop cafe will be closed on that day.

We apologise to folks who are intending to make a reservation on that day. You can always join us at Sentosa for the Pitstop outing cuz YOU have been pivotal to the fun at Pitstop cafe!

More updates of the outing... stay tuned!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the fun EVERYWHERE!


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