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At Pitstop Cafe, we explore new ways to bring fun and laughter to everyone. So far there has been lots of fun and exciting events such as food hunt, bike quest, MSE day, etc. The latest event that we have a leg in, was the NTU MSE Day. Together with one of our supported club (NTU FastForward Club), the event was a great success. Check out the highlights of the event....

NTU MSE Day – Fusion 4

Held at the Nanyang Auditorium Foyer on the 10th of August 2007, MSE Day – Fusion 4 turned out to be a smashing success, especially in the areas of publicizing NTU FastForward. We would like to thank PitStop Café for loaning some of the games, MSE (Materials Science Engineering) Committee and of course, our very own members and gamemasters for gracing the occasion. We look forward to collaborating with the MSE committee for their next MSE Day.

‘Nuff said, hop on down for the pictures.

IMG_0006 (Small)
Like an appreciation on boardgames? What other better ways than to be part of NTU FastForward!

IMG_0014 (Small)
Taking the very first step in the right direction by playing Blokus Trigon.
(Trigon rocks my socks!)

IMG_0001 (Small)
Mr. Tang at 1000 hrs…

IMG_0005 (Small)
Half an hour later…
Ladies, if you need someone who know all the right moves, look no further than Mr. Tang. “High score! 153!”

IMG_0003 (Small)
MSE Subcommers (in purple) initiating their fellow students in the art of Rat-a-tat-Cat.

IMG_0004 (Small)
Like to be a hit with the ladies? Play board games!

IMG_0008 (Small)
Enrapturing Game Hostess for Marriage Material...eh photographer how come never take the front view!!!

IMG_0044 (Small)
“We are all full at the moment, even the balcony has been taken. Kindly make your reservations at least one day in advance to avoid disappointment.”

IMG_0015 (Small)
Unidentified noisy object....

IMG_0009 (Small)
a hit among the guys...

IMG_0030 (Small)
and it attracts ladies as well...

IMG_0011 (Small)
Now you know why he so happy....

Of course, the ever popular fishing game attracts quite a bit of crowd as well...

IMG_0012 (Small)
What an apt screensaver!

IMG_0018 (Small)
Mum look, no hands!

IMG_0025 (Small)
Hey thats my fish!

IMG_0033 (Small)
Even the profs are here to have some great fun!

Now what's that slip among the goodies in the MSE goodies bag?

Free double scoop sundae at Pitstop Cafe....sweet!

Congratulation to both NTU FastForward and MSE for their success in organizing the event. Special thanks to NTU FastForward for providing the write up and the pictures. It has been a pleasure for Pitstop Cafe to be part of all these fun!

If you have a fun and interesting event and like us to be part of the fun, do drop us a email at pitstopcafe@gmail.com

Pitstop Cafe, being part of the fun everywhere!


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