New Pitstop Branch...

Pitstop cafe is always searching for new business ventures.

It was one rainy day when an idea struck me...

After a cool rainy day...

Tons of pitstoppers strolled in with their umbrella to avoid the heavy downpour.

Pink umbrellas, green umbrellas, umbrellas with casing, umbrellas with LV print...

hours and hours of fun within the cosy respite of pitstop cafe, while rain poured heavily outside.

Really all sorts of umbrella that will get Rihanna moaning, "ella-ella-ella-eh-eh..."

Finally the rain stopped, pitstoppers wave us goodbye, we smiled at them goodbye..

Lo and behold, we saw the aftermath,

throngs of umbrellas lined the path.

The pitstop umbrella booth

And now we can sell umbrella or even rent them out.

That's a joke ok? don't get too uptight!

Anyway, those folks who have left their umbrella here, your umbrellas are safe with us...

please come and collect them if you have identified your umbrella in the picture!

Pitstop cafe, rain more and we can sell umbrellas


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Cameron said...

dey one of them is mine ya... lol

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