Pitstop Cafe in Malaysia

Thanks to the wonderful job by the Pitstop Team in Malaysia, the first Pitstop outlet in Malaysia was finally opened last month. Check out the actions over there at http://pitstopcafemy.blogspot.com. The team in Singapore made a trip up north to give a helping hand and of course we wanna be part of the exciting action! Check out the pictures below.

Pitstop Cafe Malaysia! New look but the same fun place!

A cozy place where one can relax and just engage in fun games with friends!

Blank walls at the moment...But with the Pitstop fun and creative style, i have no doubt that the walls will soon be filled with photographs and creative drawings from all the cool Pitstoppers over there.

Alfie sharing a game of Cloud 5

Teaching games can be quite a challenge considering that Mandarin is more commonly used over there rather than English. Nevertheless not much sweat for Alfie as he shows that language is no barrier when it comes to fun with board games!

Long flight of stairs seems to be another trademark of Pitstop Cafe...

Another nice cozy corner upstairs with a clear view that you can even see Singapore...

Ok i am joking about that but nevertheless it is still a very nice and relaxing corner.

Alfie sharing more games with the Pitstop team in Malaysia...

Teaching of games is an important element in the Pitstop experience. While we can't say we know every games, we definitely take the effort to learn the popular well. In this way we can explain these games with fellow Pitstoppers without having them go through the complicated rulebooks.

With the Pitstop Team in Malaysia

Do pop by to http://pitstopcafemy.blogspot.com and say hi to them!

Congrats again to MingLuen and Panda for the great job done in bringing the Pitstop experience to Malaysia. Definitely looking forward to more fun times ahead!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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