Featured on Suria

Pitstop cafe is a melting pot of culture.

Not only have we been featured on National papers, magazines and TV shows...

Today, we add another milestone to our Pitstop media profile:

Featured on the Suria Channel

Once again, it was really interesting to see the 'backstage' works of the media crew.

Just a few minutes on screen, and you need two big lights, big casing, 6 crews, huge video camera, long coils of wire and not to mention, multiple retakes and rehearsal.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Rolling, rolling!

I still remembered my friend telling me, "hey! I know the Suria host! very pretty!"

Gosh, was I excited!

I came well prepared and...

Well dressed.

But once again, I was always the brunt of all jokes.

No pretty host

Only cute guys and many retakes

and I had to do a 'whatever' sign some more.

Sensational Suria Segarians!

Once again Thanks to Fadila and her crew for making Pitstop cafe look so vibrant and exciting!

Pitstop cafe will be featured on Suria on Sunday, 9 Dec, 10am-12pm.

Pitstop cafe, another milestone


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