First Board Games Meetup , Mission Accomplished.

Yeah, Pitstop Cafe finally had our first board games meetup! I was pretty worried that our virgin attempt could not get enough participants. To my surprise, we had more than 20 people turn up, babes and hunks included. It was nice to see some new faces, regulars as well as ex-Pitstop crew like Smith, Chris and Carolin.

It is also funny to see their real identity. Especially if you have folks with names like Batman signing up. Some were registered as male turns up to be female. All sort of interesting folks.

Check the pictures below:

The first few to turn up

Since the theme was "Around the World", we picked the following games:

Ticket to Ride Europe. Carolin did Pitstop proud by winning the game :)

Ticket to Ride Marklin...

Thurns and Taxis

and Around the World in 80 Days

Even got special guest Si Mi Fu from China...

Of course, how can we forget to take a group pic. A pity that some left earlier.

Group picture but hey I can'tfind myself in the picture!

More pictures are viewable in the forum so check it out!

Thanks everyone for the support and Alfie for the organizing the program. Hope you guys made new friends and enjoyed yourselves! Feel free to share your thoughts and add in suggestions for future meetup.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Evelyn said...

aiyah... too bad we'r not playing blokus. If not, I'll win again! =P

WeeKee said...

anyway we are also currently new crew. If any of you enjoyed board gaming and would like to work at Pitstop Cafe, do drop us a mail!

Mr.Smith said...

Auntie Eve.. mai hao lian hor.. we come challenge umbogo next time lai.. mai siao siao hor..

board games are really addictive..maybe sunday drop by again..must see calendar can or not 1st..


evelyn said...

U dare to play blokus with me or not? Keep asking me to play ubongo. Its not umbongo...

Mr.Smith said...

lost only mah.. wat's there to be scare of.. muahaha..

i'm very bad at blokus.. always try to hard to block pple and end up self block.. haha

Joo said...

Auntie Eve 0 Joo 2.. that's the current blokus record.. lol
Ubongo.. I like.. so easy game..

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