Another great PMS

Organizing the Pitstoppers Meetup Session (PMS) can be really tiring but all the fun that comes with it is makes it worthwhile. Tonight we had another successful meetup with a good mix of new faces, members and our ex crews. 

Some of the gems in Euro games are introduced. Even hard core games like Powergrid make it to the table this evening. 

Some of the really great Euro games for this session. 

Exciting auction action with Modern Art by Reiner Kinzia

Intense negotiation with I'm the boss

When it comes to negotiation, girls always seem to have the advantage especially if they start using lines such as, "If you love me, you will only want million dollar", etc. So you want to lost the date or lost the game? :)

Exciting game of Acquire


Even heavy weight games like Powergrid make it to the game table. Really happy to bring this game to the table, afterall it isn't everyday you get board gamers that know how to appreciate the heavier Euro games.

Taking it easy with a simple game of Jenga

Not only is the PMS free, we have prizes to give away as well, thanks to the kind sponsors from  L'Oréal Studio Line.




Group picture of the participants of the meetup.

Once again thanks everyone for your support and we hope you had a great time and make more new friends. Thanks Smith for coining the meetup session as PMS...

Do leave your thoughts on the event and we hope to see you again!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Nate said...

Hey you can Buy Board Games for GREAT prices!!!

james pandreson said...

PMS is not only a physical biological event. It is also happening on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. At ovulation.. an ova, egg or seed is released, preparing to be fertilised and implanted.

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