An unlucky week

Last week was a really unlucky week. The cafe was broken into by somebody and we lost quite a bit of money which really matters for a small business like us. I was damn pissed off at the evil doer and ready to curse the culprit to death.

I opened my death note, wanting to write that the culprit will choke to death while eating fishball noodles. I did not do that. It wasn't that i was kind hearted but rather I realise i did not have a name.

Despite the losses, we really gotta be thankful that no one was hurt in the incident. The penguins and board games were safe from harm as well. Things could have been worse.

We are still not very sure when the crime was committed. Upon noticing that things were amiss in the cafe by the crew, a police report was filed. By the time I reached the cafe, there were already a few policemen at the scene taking down the statements from the crew.

I was expecting that the police would be doing some high tech stuff like scanning the place with high tech UV light to pick up suspicious footprints or something exciting. However no such stuff happened.

The policemen were mainly taking down statements and investigating for any signs of suspicious activities the vicinity. Photographs were taken and some useful clues were found. Hopefully the security cameras in the Boat Quay area would help in cracking the case too.

It has been an important lesson for us not to get careless especially now that times are bad. We really need to be more vigilant and take more care with our belongings. My mum was mentioning that her friend who is working as a cashier, ended up paying $100 out of her own pocket because some evil doer passed off 100 Thai Baht as Singapore dollars during the peak hour!

We are sharing our bad experience so that it would be a useful lesson to remind everyone to be more mindful and take good care of your personal belongings wherever you go especially during this period of economic uncertainties.

But no matter what lies ahead, do remember to treasure the love ones around you and smile. And if you are looking for a fun time to chase away the gloom, Pitstop Cafe is here for you!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Fen said...

This sounds bad... Not sure is it time to invest in a security camera. At least the board games weren't stolen nor damaged...

I guessed we can't depend much on the police and hopefully the culprit will be caught by the cameras...

As for handling during peak hours, I guessed your staff has to be extremely careful, particularly counterfeit was a concerned among the $50 dollar bills for a period of time...

Maybe for a start, you might wanna keep your cash somewhere, since the area around Pitstop might be very quiet and the burglar can take its own sweet time to open the lock...

Hopefully, it will be the first and the last time...

Selene said...

Omg, how did the burglar manage to break in? Have to be very careful from now on. Take care!

Btw, the photo mosaic of 6000 photos is simply amazing!

Mike said...

Sorry to hear that, I hope the culprit would get bad luck with your money. Most restaurants where I live leaves the cashier open and emptied before they close. I've worked in a restaurant many years to tell you this experience. Hope you get better luck next time.

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