Great Deal for Pitstoppers

One of our Pitstoppers turn out to be one of the cool ladies behind an online shop known as CherSamme. And she has a good deal for all you ladies out there.

Dresses, Tops, Bottoms and Accessories!

More about CherSamme

CherSamme is an online boutique that specializes in ladies’ apparels and accessories, targeting an age group of 16-30. Run by Samantha and Cheryl, Chersammé, launching a brand that fuses a variety of concepts to bring to you pieces that are highly wearable and coveted.

One interesting thing about the shop is that most of the apparels are self designed and manufactured by them!

Cheryl is now offering our readers a 10% discount off their items. Simply use the promo code PITSTOP10%. So do check it out now at their online shop at www.chersamme.com.

*Promotion not applicable for accessories.

Pitstop Cafe,
Be part of the fun!


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