About Pitstop Cafe

Pitstop Cafe is fun and cosy place for friends to meet and play interesting board games together and at the same time enjoy great food, desserts and coffee.

Be surprised that you might actually find snapshots of other friends that you know on our photo walls!

spring chicken 1Great Food
Pitstop Cafe serves a variety of great tasting western food. Mouth watering foot long fish and chip, juicy chicken chop are some of the yummy delights you can expect. Of course we can't forget to mention our popular yummy snacks like seaweed chicken, crispy fish nuggets and those juicy chicken wings!

latte2Gourmet Coffee
Coffee is a sensory experience. Coffee beans are ground and espresso extracted only upon preparation. Milk is frothed and steamed to enhance and elevate the sensory experience of espresso. Our in house Picassos bring this experience even further with their "abstract" latte art!

Fun and Laughter
Pitstop Cafe is all about having a great fun time together with friends. We stock a wide variety of unique board games and it is not just only board games. Check out unique stuff like the Bop It toy, nostalgic Care Bear edition of UNO and cute penguins..

More Information

How to get here
Read our interesting articles on how to get to Pitstop Cafe. If you can laugh at the sillyness of our super lame dummy guides, Pitstop Cafe is the place where you will get even more crazy fun and laughter!
Great value deals
Pitstop Cafe offers a wide variety of game packages to choose from to make sure that is something for everyone to have a absolutely fabulous time over here. You got to provide the smiles and laugher though.

Pitstop Mini
Check out our cool and exclusive Pitstop Mini membership card for our Pitstoppers. So come over and join in the fun! Be part of us, be part of the fun

Pitstop Cafe Blog
Ever heard of a cafe that actually has a blog instead? Now you have. Read our unique blog on the latest fun happening in the cafe and take part in our crappy chat! It has even been featured in other countries a cool business blog. Don't play play!

Pitstoppers on Facebook
We bring the idea even further. You get to share your interesting photos with other folks. At Pitstopper network everyone get to share interesting stuff with everyone! Feel the love?
Read on to find out other cool stuff in the house. Some come right over and be part of the fun!

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