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At Pitstop Cafe, we offer a variety of great cool deals for our Pitstoppers to enjoy yummy bites while having fun with friends. A lot of people have been calling us to enquire what are our charges like. So read on as we share with you the variety of game packages available at Pitstop Cafe.

Indivdual Packages

Pitstop, $14.90
Stopping for a great meal? The Pitstop package comes with a main course, soup of the day, a drink and 2 hours of gaming. Each main course includes a serving of coleslaw and crinklet fries.

Tender grilled chicken chop. Comes in either teriyaki or black pepper sauce

Popular among Pitstoppers, the classic foot long fish and chips

Flag Off, $7.90
Get started with a bowl of delicious hot soup goodness!
Soup of the day and 2 hours of gaming for 1 pax.

Road Trip, $9.90
A plate of chocolate eclairs or cream puffs. Add another drink and 2 hours of gaming, it is definitely going to be a sweet road trip.

Highway, $11.90
Cruise the highway with 1 plate of finger food, 1 drink and 2 hours of gaming for 1 pax.

Twin Packages

Cross Roads, $19
Take a break, have a nice snack. Cross roads come with a plate of finger food, 2 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 2 person.

spring roll 3
Choose from a variety of finger food

Group Packages

Fast Forward, $34
Get started fast! The Fast Forward comes with a plate of finger food, 4 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 4 folks. Bring it on!

chicken wing 3
Chicken wings available too!

Road Block, $52
Take your pick of 2 plates of yummy finger food. Add another 6 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 6 person. The formula for awesome fun.

Chicken delight! Popular among the Pitstoppers. 

Detour, $32
Only got time for a fast round of games? Take the detour. Comes with 6 drinks and 1 hour of gaming for up to 6 folks. Short but sweet!

A wide selection of drinks available

Extension of gaming hours is only at $2 per pax per hour.

Comprehensive selection of games

Great memorable fun with all your friends, Priceless

For everything else, there's Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun

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