Pitstop Promotions

Yes! it's back! The Pitstop Promotions are back to allow you to think fun, have fun, sleep fun, eat fun throughout the week!

These different weekday nights promo are specially designed for all you folks who need a break after a tiring day's work, long grueling schedule at school, fun before clubbing and for whatever reasons you might have to stay fun and bubbly throughout the week!

So check these promotions @ Pitstop cafe!
Weekday Noons (Monday to Thursday)
  • Free flow of drinks + Free Gaming from 2pm to 6pm!
  • Only: $5 per pax
Monday-Students' Night

cos we were students too!
  • 1 Plate of Desserts + Free Flow of drinks + Free Gaming throughout the night!
  • Only: $8 per pax (upon presenting your student card)

Tuesday-Members' Night

A little token from us for your constant support

  • Members play absolutely FREE! absolutely.....
  • All others: Wait til you have your membership card

Wednesday-Ladies' Night 

Only that Pink one plays for free

  • 1 Plate of Desserts + 1 Free drink + Free Gaming throughout the night!
  • Only:$8 per pax (upon proving your gender)
  • All others: Wait till you are a Lady

Thursday-Corporate Night

Pitstop cafe is just a stone throw away from your office

  • 1 Plate of Desserts + Free flow of drinks + Free gaming throughout the night!
  • Only:$8/- per pax (upon presenting your business card)
  • All others: After you start working

Friday-Students' Noon

perfect for a lazy friday afternoon

  • 1 Plate of Desserts + Free flow drinks + Free gaming from 12pm-5pm!
  • Only: $8 (upon presenting your student card)
  • All others: Wait till you become a student

Pitstop cafe, always giving you more.

* Terms and Conditions Apply. Promotions are not valid on eves of public holidays and public holidays. 

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