Rina's 21st Birthday

At Pitstop cafe, we really do what it takes to make your birthday an enjoyable one.

Birthday parties are always unique in Pitstop cafe, and Rina's birthday will tell you why.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, where the entire Circular Road is nothing more like a ghost town, tons of eager beaver streamed into Pitstop cafe.

The usual question, "where is it? I've been walking up and down looking for it!

I remembered that once I had my 21st birthday party at Boat Quay also, I spent almost a month planning for the event, preparing the logistics and saving the money... of course!

When the long awaited time approaches, I remembered my heart throbbed whenever I heard the guests footsteps and laughter...

Look at the eager beavers when they finally found that secret passage up to Pitstop cafe

I guess that must be how Rina felt then. When guests promptly arrived at the witching hour.

Filling up the whole cafe with joy, laughter and presents.

For a moment i though I was hitting up on girls again, until I spot myself somewhere else

Now, to be exact I'm sure Rina was not as thrilled about the number of presents she received on that day than to know that at least more than 40 people gave a damn about her birthday.

I remembered her telling me that she wasn't even sure if 30 people might turn up.

Rina, Rina...more than 40 people gave a damn enough to show up for your birthday on a perfect sunday afternoon!

What a lucky girl you are!

Equipments all set, multimedia crew, camera man, waiters, chefs, all sorts...

I was even more impressed when she arrived with her own multimedia crew, complete
with projector and screen and even a musical band! uh I mean guitar man.

Lo and behold, the birthday girl, Rina!

I was touched when I saw her parents quietly sitting there (playing blokus), letting her in charge of her very special day, while making sure she need not worry about the bill later.

no wonder... with such supportive parents, your birthday will be a blast!

To think that I had to raise funds for my 21st birthday

All set... Rina's birthday officially begins!

The whole event was such a blast, not a single moment was left for the guests to look around and wonder, "uh, what are we suppose to do?"

She had it all planned.

The guests were sitted comfortably, and drinks were served,

Photo taking with each guest ensued.

Dinner was served

A slide show presenting photos of her growth, binded everyone who are part of her life.

Slide shows, so cool, what an ego trip!

Everyone sang her birthday theme song... how cool!

A mass game was played to gel everyone together

Now, this part is the best

Everyone had to light a candle and take turns saying something about her!

can you imagine the amount of ego boosting!

I was secretly telling the crew, that it is not advisable for me to do this sort of stunt, cuz I can imagine the things people will say about me

then finally, there was the...

cake procession

I was bestowed the honorary job of the escort for the cake procession...

The cake is heavy

As the cake reached the birthday girl, I was turned into a cake table.

It is really heavy...

Before she puffed the candle, she had a shower of blessings from her friends at the church.

After she puffed the candles, she had another shower of blessings from her friends who were near the cake.


Though the party lasted 3 hours, I am sure Rina must have felt, "so fast! It's all over! I can still remember 2 months ago where I was..."

Sure it was, good things always last for a moment.

But that moment of memory echoes throughout eternity.

Happy Birthday Rina!

Thank you Rina and her folks for allowing Pitstop cafe to be part of your memory!

We wish you all the best for years to come!

Pitstop cafe, we know how it feels to have a birthday party


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