Birthday Girls

Time really flies. Before you know it the girls (eve and mumu) birthday are around the corner again. When come to birthdays, i can't help by being amaze at the coincidence of our birthdays. Tim and i are just a day part (9th Aug & 10 Aug) while the girls are just 2 days apart (12th Oct and 14th Oct). Maybe it is indeed true that Leos are attracted to Libras? :)

Anyway lets shout out "Happy Birthday!" to these lovely ladies!

IMG_9828 copy

IMG_9831 copy

Pitstop Cafe, where birthdays are special

astro, as usual forgotten about the birthday present for eve till the last minute. God bless him....


nsh said...

have a great hatch day eve!

Liangcai said...

Happy birthday ladies!

mfonet said...

hhahaa...i think it's true abt leos and libras :P

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