Wall of Smiles

The walls of Pitstop Cafe had gotten really crowded with photos of all the folks that had visited the cafe. We had lost track of the number of photos that are on the wall now. It must be over a few thousands photos. Thanks everyone for all your support!

To make more space for more photos, we decided to reorganize some of the photos and create our "Wall of Smiles" :)

The first step was to find a nice wall and clear the wall from the photos...

Almost forgotten about some of the nice drawings behind the photos

After clearing the wall, we started on the time consuming job of laying the tapes and relocating the photos.

Laying the tapes and organizing the photos. More tricky than i had imagined.

It was really a time consuming job and I never knew that there were so many photos!

Close up on the Wall of Smiles....

A bigger view of the wall

After half a day of work, we finally completed our first Wall of Smiles.

Can be use as a background for camera poses too!

It was really fun to create this Wall of Smiles. Although it pales in comparison with the recent "Smile because IMF is here" campaign, this wall of photos is still a unique sight. So do check it out on your next visit to the cafe.

Anyone like to make a guess on the number of photos on this part of the wall?

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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moodypoeticartist said...

I've been working at Circular Road for the past 5 months, never really came across your place, til I dined at the chinese store just downstairs.

I was wondering why on earth would some cheena piang chicken selling place be called Pitstop Cafe til I read the article, to find out about the whole board game idea.

Might stop by someday, if I have the courage, heh,

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