Leap Year, Boing Boing Boing!

Today is a special day. You get 29 days in February only once in 4 years. So a happy birthday for those born on this day! By the way, do they only celebrate their birthdays only once in four years? Must be a grand one!

Today we also had an exclusive team building event at the cafe and gosh it was great fun hosting the event...

Started off quiet and easy with lunch..

After lunch, it was party time with a nice mix of both action games and strategic games...

Test of memory in the game of chicken cha cha

Like to make a guess on the game they are playing?

After all the various games at the different stations, the game that managed to keep all the teams on the edge must be Jenga. I too was filled with excitement. Every time I thought the tower was going to collapse, the folks playing just keep proving me wrong.

Holding their breathe while their team mates make an attempt on the tower...

The guys are good...

as well as the girls.

Despite being in different teams, they were cheering and encouraging each other as they make their best attempt to build a higher tower. Way to go guys!

With great teamwork, you get an nice tall tower!

The cool folks from DSTA!

Do check out more photos of the event from the slide show above. Hope all of you had a great time at Pitstop Cafe!

For those interested in holding your events at Pitstop Cafe, do check out the event enquiries link at the side menu.

Pitstop Cafe, folks that play together stay together!


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