Pitstop Cafe New Look

Welcome to the newly designed Pitstop Cafe blog! Have been planning to revamp the site for a very long time. It has been tough to get help on this when you don't have lots of moolah and goodwill can only bring you so far.

I need a makeover...

So not much choice but to take up this task on my own. After working on bit by bit over the past few months, I am finally done with initial part of this new design!

On the North side, you can now see a new menu which is simpler to navigate. On the East side, there are the links to some of the online services that we provide. You can now make reservations, event enquires and much more.

A lot of folks have given feedback on some of the outdated material on the site. We will try to update the content soon. At the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy the new look.

Pitstop Cafe, we got a brand new look!


1 comment:

amos said...

Great job! Great blog! Great place! Too bad I have been too busy with school and work to visit you guys, even though I work so near :P

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